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3) Reinforce - make it habit

Without doubt, the most underestimated aspect of golf improvement is how to turn insight into a change in behaviour (true learning). In the main, instruction leaves golfers to their own devices at this point, and purposeless ball-beating won’t cut it. Without feedback, clear practice principles or encouragement, golfers usually fall at
the last hurdle and lasting improvement doesn’t occur.



A clear difference in my coaching is that I can help you the whole journey. To this end, I have developed ways to help you use the perhaps limited golf time you have effectively. I have designed tools to help you stay focused on the recipe and transfer the ingredients into reliable and repeating behaviours. With training, much of what you learn will become automatic so you are freed up to play the game. Ultimately, the golfer you aspire to be is simply a collection of better habits and skills.

Warm up

Get the big dog out

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Mobility exercises

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