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1) Diagnosing the problem

Accurately interpreting what happened and linking it to it’s true source, is the first challenge in a game of such small margins for error. Whereas good coaches can figure out the chain of events that led to the ball going O.B. vs.down the middle, most golfers have to base their response on impressions rather than fact - obviously this can quickly lead to applying the wrong solutions... and a very frustrating experience.



Explaining the true cause and effect of your golf. My aim is to demystify the game and ultimately help you solve your own problems. Consistency depends on you growing this ability. By taking the time to understand how to link ball flight to club delivery, and swing or set up factors, for example, we can start to put
you back in charge of your game. With the aid of some tech to measure what’s going on, and a logical thought process, I can give you clarity on what the problem is and why it’s happening.

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