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Recipe concept

Any golfer who is consistently skillful in a game area, or a specific shot, has a recipe that works.  Elements like, their concepts, set-up, movement, practice habits, kit etc. all match up.  These ingredients compliment each other enough to support consistently good results.


Many “unconsciously competent” golfers are not aware of what underpins their good play, which is fine until they, inevitably, lose form.  On the other hand, golfers who truly understand their game, have a big advantage in this regard. Because they have the awareness and understanding to identify the missing ingredient, they can regain their form more easily.

There is no one size fits all solution and we want to tap into the things you already do well.  So the goal is to find out what ingredients make the biggest difference to you in each game area, and lay them out them in an organised way to inform your practice and give you a valuable reference tool for many years to come.  There are a handful of categories within which we can explore where the missing or conflicting ingredients are. 

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