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Coaching process

One of the key distinctions about my coaching is that I want my clients to become effective, independent learners. In between lessons I provide a collection of resources that accelerate learning and improvement

1. Motivational fuel

Improvement requires effort, and there will be bumps in the road. To that end I want to make sure your approach to improvement is genuinely leading you towards what really inspires you about the game, and away from the things that frustrate you the most. Your goals add important context to identifying the easiest routes to achieving them.

2. Accurate diagnosis

I have developed a thorough and systematic process to gather information about your game, using Trackman data, video and statistical analysis. I use this to explain what is breaking down when your ball doesn't fly as intended.  On-course observation aids this process, if skills honed on the driving range mat aren't transferring as well as you'd like.

3. Practical goals

To add valuable direction to your efforts, I can put forward some tangible practice and playing goals. For example, in order to reduce your handicap by a meaningful amount, how many greens in regulation do you need to be hitting?  What ball flight and impact goals would make that happen? Knowing this informs your practice.​

4. Solutions

Armed with knowledge of your goals and a high quality diagnosis I can lay out practical and targeted solutions for you. Starting with the easiest. Attempting to directly change swing mechanics in the wrong way can be both painful and unnecessary. Good concepts, set-up, focus, tasks that elicit better movement instinctively should all be addressed first.

5. Behaviour change

Tangible improvement on the course won't occur until what you have learnt actually evolves into a change of behaviour.  Whether that is better club selection or the elimination of a slice. My coaching process offers multiple tools to help you become a walking, talking collection of good habits, not just the golfer who knows what they need to work on...

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