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Pupil resources

One of the key distinctions about my coaching is that I want my clients to become effective, independent learners. In between lessons I provide a collection of resources that accelerate learning and improvement

Personal web page

To keep your efforts focused and on track, I create a personal web page for you where we record your ball flight and impact goals, helpful lesson summaries of lesson, drills, practice plans, skills tests.

Personal web page text
Effective practice

Transforming knowledge into a change in behaviour is much more than "putting in the reps" or hitting a bucket of balls.  There is a science and and art to HOW to practice which I can share with you.  Whether it be tackling technical changes, or preparing for competition, I have many tools to aid your efforts.

Feedback in between lessons

In between lessons my clients can send me swing videos for review through the industry-leading review app, Onform.

Set-up template

Having clear reference points is valuable in a game with so many variables.  In lessons we can establish your optimal set up with key clubs like driver or putter and I can provide a simple means to recreate this when you are self-coaching.

trackman studio.jpg
Trackman practice

Exclusive to my clients is access to a Trackman studio. Armed with clear impact goals, it enables truly high feedback practice.

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