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Growing a self-organised swing

At any one point in time, the world's top 50 players of the day all have identifiably different-looking swings.  They are almost like finger-prints.  The reason being is that their natural bio-mechanics, learning journey, sports played, all differed.  What they have in common is that: they all found slightly different solutions to the same problems.

In terms of long game, those problems are: finding the middle of the clubface, face angle, directing the path and angle of attack, creating power etc.  In other words, getting the job done.  The ball doesn't care, how you get the job done, it will just do what it's told by the clubhead through the impact zone.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys solving problems, and dislike prescriptive and slightly contrived instruction, you will like this. Let me present golf as a series of physical questions and for your body to solve through self-organised movement.  This way improvements aren't awkward, because your body chose to make them. They directly serve impact and thus hit good shots. Most importantly, you will own your swing, and it will serve you well.

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