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Coaching programme
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Coaching programmes

For golfers looking to make a more meaningful difference to their game, I offer a monthly coaching service called the Sustainable Skill programme. The aim is to remove the many obstacles that hinder golfers taking ad hoc lessons like lack of: reference points, informed practice, structured feedback, a means to measure progress, support to make improvements habit.


Whereas much coaching seem to take a “you can take horse to water...” attitude to slow progress, my goal with this programme is to facilitate effective self-coaching in between face-to-face sessions. I have developed a uniquely comprehensive service to ensure golfers get greater reward for their efforts.

How does it work?

  • Coaching strategies that match how we are wired to learn

  • Personal web page recording your "recipe" for each game area. See below. 

  • Access to an online instruction manual providing supporting information on

    • Learning concepts​

    • Drills

    • Habits of elite players

    • Practice guides

  • These resources distil years of learning and experience to accelerate your improvement.

  • Access to a Trackman enabled studio for self coaching.

  • Communication in between lessons e.g. video review


Programmes range from 1 hr a month to 6+ hrs a month. There is no tie in, but if you are seeking meaningful improvement, then I would recommend we do a 3 month trial and review.

Monthly programmes

Face to face time
Priority coach access
Monthly fee
WGC Members
Learning Mastery
Sustainable Skill 3
Sustainable Skill 2
Sustainable Skill 1

Terms & conditions

  1. There is no formal tie in to the programme but a minimum of three months is required to make it worthwhile starting.

  2. Payment will be made by Direct Debit on which is 100% secure and we have used successfully for over 6 years. You can cancel the mandate at your end at any time. Payment will be taken in the same month for which the coaching is taken usually on the 21st day.

  3. Each programme has an allocation of hours to use each month. If you do not use all your time in one month it can be carried over to the next. However the time cannot be accrued beyond the second month and will be lost.

  4. Top up hours - you can add additional time to a month charged at the same rate pro rata.

  5. Trackman studio is exclusively available to hire by programme clients at £25 p/hr

  6. Please give me a months notice if you wish to stop the programme.

Book a consultation

If you are interested, book either a single or double session, and having assessed your game against your goals, I will recommend a path forward. Book here.​

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