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One size does not fit all

The iceberg principle is the theory that most of the information about a situation or subject is hidden from clear view. As the passengers of the Titanic experienced to great cost.

It occurs frequently in golf when pundits on TV try to explain why the golfer of the moment plays so well. As the medium at their disposal is visual, theories normally revolve around what can be observed on slow motion video.

This outside-in approach risks incomplete explanations, whilst offering up models to copy, and often sending golfers on a wild goose chase.

Rahmbo and DJ

As I write, two of the most prolific winners are Jon Rahm and Dustin Johnson. Both supremely good ball strikers and both with distinctively different techniques.

Much is made of Rahm's short backswing and DJ's bowed left wrist, however both features evolved due to natural bio-mechanical anomalies. Rahm was born with a club foot and has naturally limited range of movement. DJ has a quite unusual range of motion in his wrists that allow him to move in this way. Their techniques developed around these elements, matching up other ingredients incredibly effectively.

Different solutions to the same problems

In fact at any point the world's top 50 include observably different-looking swings. The reason being is that these golfers have all found different ways of solving the same problems. By problems here I mean skills and shots required on the course.

Example - to play a low drawn 5 iron, whoever's wielding the club needs to deliver the club in a certain way through the impact zone (it's just physics), but HOW they set up and move to get there is a much broader question. Natural bio-mechanics, their learning journey, the environment they grew up in etc. will all forge a technique which is particular to the player.

Developing your swing

Attempting to copy another player, or conform to a specific technique or system can lead to slow learning and contrived movement.

Greater rewards await the player who develops and owns their own swing. With constant connection to the task, you can forge an effective and repeating technique within each game area. A swing your body chose to make through quality practice, and feels instinctively the best way to get the job done.

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