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The Sustainable Skill programme

By Alex Nicolson PGA

Most established golfers' attempts to improve don't get proportionate rewards for the effort put in. This in fact, may be the understatement of the century! The reason being, when it comes to meaningful and sustained improvement, a tip or ad hoc lesson probably isn't going to cut it.

Meaningful, sustained improvement

Learning a swing or putting stroke that you trust requires a slightly deeper, more joined-up approach:

  • Truly understanding the source of the problem (including what triggers it on the course)

  • Forming a recipe of complimentary ingredients

  • Practice that results in behaviour change

The problem is that, left to their own devices, most golfers don't have the tools to self-coach effectively, and so their efforts rarely result in sustained improvement.

The Sustainable Skill programme

Having coached for 25 years, I have observed lots of ways in which golfers go off-track when they are no longer under the pro's watchful eye: lack of conceptual understanding, the inability to diagnose a poor shot accurately, or poor practice habits.

As my goal is to help golfers become independent, effective self-coaches, I have developed a coaching programme with a difference. One that gives golfers the tools they need in between lessons to replace regression with progression.

How it works:

  • Coaching strategies that match how we are wired to learn

  • Personal web page recording your "recipe" for each game area. See below.

  • Access to an online instruction manual providing supporting information on

    • Learning concepts​

    • Drills

    • Habits of elite players

    • Practice guides

  • These resources distil years of learning and experience to accelerate your improvement.

  • Access to a Trackman-enabled studio for self coaching.

  • Communication in between lessons e.g. video review

Discuss your game

To book an initial consultation, click here.

To learn more about my coaching visit

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