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Coaching with Alex Nicolson
Based at Worplesdon GC, Surrey
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Owning your improvement

Golf is a challenging sport, and effort alone has never guaranteed improvement. Take the wrong path in your game and it can stagnate or sometimes even make it worse.


There is so much information out there (literally millions of possible solutions), that finding a relevant and effective route for your golf can be a frustrating experience. In the main, attempts to improve have deviated away from what the game demands and how we learnt other sports and skills.


It is possible, however, to get to a very fulfilling place where effort-in does equal improvement.  If you wish to experience this you might benefit from a fresh perspective on the game.


All performance improvement is preceded by learning. If we adopt the behaviours of great learners, improvement is inevitable. My coaching, and the purpose of this website, is to help golfers unlock their innate abilities to learn and improve. Learn more.

Alex Nicolson PGA, Founder of Premium Golf

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I have recently written a new section on growing a self-organised swing, including drills for collision-ready, plane work and how to dial in your club-face control. Learn more.

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Alex Nicolson PGA
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