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6 hole challenge

Add some purpose to a perform practice session at the range. Time to play -10 mins

Performance practice

As part of your performance practice, this is a range-based game that adds the sort of decision making you'll need on the course. With specific holes to project onto the outfield in front of you, the purpose is to engage your full routine: planning, preparation, execution and response.

How it works

You'll need your full set at the range. A rangefinder would also be useful if your range doesn't have targets with marked distances.

6 holes - 10 minutes

You play the last 6 holes at Worplesdon G.C. Look at each hole as if you would on a planner, work out whether you are going to make the pin your target, or strategically aim to a different part of the green to avoid the bad miss. Only when you have chosen your target can you calculate distance and pick the appropriate club.

From the existing features on the outfield of the range, imagine the hole.


2 pts available on each hole

1 point for hitting a fairway in reg. over your minimum acceptable carry distance.

Pick next club based on where you drive would have finished.

1 pt for hitting the green in reg.

10 points available, 4 for the 4 fairways in reg hit, and 6 for the greens.

Good luck.

6 hole challenge
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