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Dispersion tracking

There are some habits which have a deceptively powerful affect on your behaviours. Dispersion tracking is a 1 min doodle on the back of your scorecard, which not only aids analysis but begins to inform your on-course behaviour and increase your greens in reg.

Many golfers have a digital solution to this already (e.g. Arccos) but if not, here is a cheaper alternative. Some might argue also, that the act of remembering and physically writing it down has more impact on your behaviour - which is what really counts. Remember interesting insight that results in no change in behaviour, remains simply interesting insight...

How it works

After a round, draw a cross-hair circle as above. The centre of the cross hairs, represents your target, not the centre of the green. Replay the round in your head. On holes where you were within range of the green with your approach, mark where you finished by writing down the hole number.

The feedback

We want to see patterns in your approach play. The most common pattern I see in amateurs is the one above where the dominant miss was short. This player hit 7 greens in reg, but if the centre of the dispersion was dragged up a bit, there were at least another 5 available. For context, these GIR's would be high single figure handicap vs. nearly scratch, respectively.

Interpreting the patterns

Whilst golfers can explain away individual shots, there is no escaping averages. The most simple distinction to make is between plan and execution. Were all the short ones mishits, or is there a pattern of under-clubbing?

This leads to the next question which is what quality of shot is the golfer basing their yardages? The best ones or the average?

This habit is great because it deal with reality and changes behaviour.

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