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Learning tool-kit

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

The reason this Henry Ford quote keeps getting dragged up, is that human nature is to form a habit and not change.  If you want to make the kind of meaningful improvement to your golf that has been elusive in the past, you need to be prepared to adapt your approach.  To objectively assess whether your golfing behaviours directly support learning or not. 


Improvement is the inevitable consequence of learning, so the learning tool-kit is the first stop. Where there’s a gap in the tool-kit, fill it.


The perspectives section framed the problems we need to solve by highlighting aspects of the game; our body, the equipment that we use, etc.  Themes included; the brutally small margin for error at impact, and a body that has a lot of moving parts.


Even in these two aspects alone, we see a game where there will be unavoidable errors.  What tools do we need to cope with this problem, for example?  The first is a biggie, and it acts as a foundation for all the others.  It's called a Growth Mindset.

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