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Effective practice

Regardless of how much time and motivation you have to practice, naturally we want to make sure HOW you spent your practice time, is rewarded with tangible learning.

Learning in a sport like golf has only truly occurred, and the benefits enjoyed, if it results in behaviour change.

For insight to transfer into an improvement in performance, the new behaviours we have highlighted in your recipe now need to be reinforced, so that they become part of your game.

Reinforcing could take place on the range, on the course or at home. We will challenge some myths around practice and show you how to get more reward for your efforts. The key is to match the nature of the practice session to purpose of it. Is it to explore new technique, increase awareness, improve skill, or to boost transference to competitive play?

Anti-learning - Blind repetition, engagement lost easily, lack of feedback, corrections based on stories not reality - all contribute to ingraining the wrong behaviours

What is good?


Understand basic principles e.g. task progression


Ability to match the style of your practice to its purpose


Evolving practice informed by play and practice


Actively seeking point of breakdown to stretch skills

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