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This is basically how you move to deliver the club. Your existing swing (or stroke) is formed by a combination of your natural bio-mechanics, perception of the task, set-up and learned movement (motor pattern). It is obviously one of the most influential ingredients, but typically also the hardest to change.

This is why we need to find the easiest way of triggering good movement (e.g. tap into existing motor patterns from another sport). Also to be prepared for enough patient, good quality practice to learn a new ones. Function over form - it is important to find out what works for you and gets the job done safely and consistently.

Anti-learning - Working on the swing/stroke based on what “looks wrong” rather than to a specific benefit at impact

What is good?


Understand why movement goals help impact


Can perform movement goals in controlled environment


Minor conscious prompting. Ability to self correct


Good movement unconscious. Adaptability

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