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Set up

Whether we face a drive or a putt, our address position has a significant effect on the mechanics of our swing/stroke, and thus our chances of executing the shot well. It’s always one of the first places we will look when forming a recipe or fault-fixing, as it is a an easy fix, relative to changing movement, for example.

There isn’t a generic good set-up either. It needs to match your intended shot, your swing or the shot at hand. Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson have very different grips, but both match their style of swing. We will discover and record what set-up ingredients work best for you, and help you reduce their variability.

Anti-learning - Trying to exclusively solve bad shots with the swing, and not attending to fundamentals in set-up (that might actually be the root cause). Variability in set-up causing inconsistent results.

What is good?


Understand why highlighted areas help mechanics.


Can perform good set up in practice environment


Good is the norm and awareness when it’s failed.


Good set-up unconscious. Adaptability

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