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Task clarity (recipe)

In golf the task is the this - for whatever your intended shot, the club has to behave in a certain way at impact to make that happen. It’s just physics. The golfer who has an accurate and intuitive perception of what’s required at impact has a significant advantage over s(he) who doesn’t. The body can move a little more instinctively because the “purpose of the swing” is crystal clear.

Invest some time in learning this, and it will benefit you for the rest of your golfing days. We will figure out what your stock shot should be, and form goals around them. The more clarity you have on what good looks like, the better to will be able to reproduce it.

Below are some levels of learning that would aid your progress. There is level below basic which I call “anti-learning”!

Anti-learning - Misconceptions about impact lead to damaging solutions that would forever be conflicting with your attempts to hit the shot.

What is good?


Understand the basics of strike and direction


Interpreting path/face from ball flight


​Can tell impact location by feel


​Ability to innovate for unusual shots

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