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Any strategy that can meaningfully affect performance that, once it’s attended to, doesn’t require any conscious effort from you, is low-hanging fruit. If the specs of your clubs don’t match up, or even conflict, with your ball flight goals, you may be having to work harder than necessary.

Example: If your tendency is to launch the ball too high with your driver, but you are using a high launch shaft and a low centre of gravity head, you will be bleeding yards.

Example: If the bounce on your sand wedge doesn’t match the bunkers of your home course, reliable contact could be compromised. A joined-up coaching/fitting hybrid approach allows you to match things up.

Anti-learning - Either no custom fitting, or no clarity of ball flight/roll goals to be fitted against.

What is good?


Ball flight/roll & impact goals set


Custom fitted in key or all game areas


Dynamic loft and lie, Yardages session


Review and maybe tweak once a year.

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