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On course process

Consistently effective players have consistently effective routines. The process surrounding each shot can be split into four stages:

1) Planning - picking the strategically appropriate shot (or reading a putt well) and having clear intention.

2) Preparation - some form of simulation to translate the plan into a feel, getting into an appropriate set-up.

3) Execution - a key ingredient to manage in this part is where your attention is directed

4) Response - how you interpret the shot will have an effect on whether you learn from it (or not) and your emotional state, both of which will almost certainly affect the rest of the round.

Anti-learning - Process is not designed/consistently applied, creating so much variability the golfer can’t distinguish between a bad shot being caused by poor mechanics, set up or indecision, for example.

What is good?


Have bare bones of a routine


Have reviewed and optimised process


Awareness of which step of process failed


Automatic and resilient under pressure

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