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Problem solving

Such is the difficulty of the game, it is unrealistic to “lock in” good form permanently. No one’s ever done it, so it’s unlikely you will be the first! So, you will be exposed if you haven’t honed some problem-solving skills. The two kinds are: fault-fixing and adapting to challenging shots.

Part of the process of establishing your recipe for a game area, will be to understand your tendencies on bad shots, and the chain of events that led to them. This makes it possible to manage problems at source. A central theme to adaptability, is how well you engage with the shot at hand, and tweak your approach accordingly.

Anti-learning - In the absence of an understanding of the true source of bad shot, “new” fixes are randomly applied. Low engagement with the shot at hand means limited adaptation to slopes/lies etc.

What is good?


Employing “ball did X, club did Y” thought process


Can link errors at impact to known tendencies


Adapting club/ball physics to different slopes/lies/shapes


Innovation: pulling off shots rarely faced before

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